Phonak Hearing Systems CEO Mehmet Yıldırım and audiologist Zeynep Gülapoğlu were invited to practical seminar held on Doctor’s Day, 14 March 2018. An entertaining interview was held about the future of the audiology and the hearing instrument industry. Yildirim said that the number of graduated audiologists will increase, how it will affect audiologists working in hearing aid companies and to constantly improve themselves in order to make a difference in this sector. Since the need for manpower will decrease as the technology enters our lives, it is mentioned that people working in many occupational groups are at risk and gave information about how the sector will be directed in the future. After the presentation, audiologist Zeynep Gülapoğlu took on the stage.
Giving information about Phonak hearing aids and introducing the newest models Audeo B-Direct, PhlaakTarget (hearing aid program), Gülapoğlu presented the hearing aids and finished the presentation. After the seminar, our faculty members Assist. Prof. Mehmet A. Akşit and PhD Ebru Kösemihal made a short practice about the use of the hearing aid program to the students in the laboratory.