Frequently Asked Questions

-How many credits/ECTS courses can be taken per semester?

The maximum credit taken per semester is 26 credits. Additionally, 30 ECTS must be completed per semester. For students who come through Horizontal Transfer, the maximum credits per semester are 26 and the amount of ECTS they must take is 30. Students who register through the Vertical Transfer Exam are entitled to 30 credits per semester. The ECTS value required for the semester does not change.

-How many extra credits/ECTS are given when a course is failed?

When the student fails, no extra credit is given for the course taken from the lower level. Because when compulsory and elective courses are taken per semester, the total amount of credits is 22 on average. 26 credits are planned considering the courses that can be taken from the lower level. However, if the student has a special situation, the student submits a petition stating his/her situation to the board of directors and it is evaluated and a solution is produced. The semester ECTS amount does not change. However, the undergraduate courses are not added to the ECTS calculation of the semester in which the undergraduate courses are processed.

-Which courses are compulsory and which courses are taught as electives?

There are compulsory and elective course contents on our site.