Its graduates have the capacity to lead in all areas of society and make a difference in their fields, using their acquired skills not only for individuals and countries, but also for the benefit of planetary health and well-being; Education, science and research outputs are at the highest levels on international platforms, directing health policies and expanding the accepted boundaries of original science; To be a faculty that constantly advocates ethical values, whose corporate culture is exemplary, and whose international brand value is high.

-To attach importance to respect for universal ethical principles and human values,
-To ensure equivalence of education and academic output quality at international standards,
-To prepare a faculty infrastructure that emphasizes interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation and teamwork,
-To produce information and technology, to conduct original research and to provide the appropriate environment and opportunity to do so,
-Creating a sustainable quality and evaluation infrastructure,
-Creating a sustainable corporate culture that highlights our faculty values,
-To work to support the communication and collaboration of international graduates from eleven different countries and increasing every year,
-To carry out studies that will make the competencies of our faculty and students visible,
-To provide effective professional and career planning guidance to our students,
-To raise individuals who can follow global developments and have 21st Century competencies (such as communication, problem solving, teamwork, information literacy, time management),
-To educate students and create academic staff at an exemplary level in the fields of education, communication, ethics and forward-thinking,
-To raise individuals who have the skills to create individual, social and universal benefits and outputs.

As the administrative and academic management of the Faculty of Health Sciences, our aim is to increase the education, training and research capacity of our faculty in the light of our vision, mission and values. Accordingly, our preference increases.