Previous Years

2019-2020 Spring Semester:
Faculty First: Yeliz Ümüzlar (Department of Occupational Therapy)
Faculty Second: Ezgi Bayram (Department of Nutrition and Dietetics)
Faculty Third: Eldem Tutkulu (Department of Health Management)

2020-2021 Spring Semester:
Faculty First: Uğur Baklacı (Department of Audiology)
Faculty Second: Fatma Esendemir (Department of Audiology)
Faculty Third: Büşra Aydın (Department of Audiology)

2021-2022 Spring Semester:
Faculty First: Walled Abdullah Al-Amoudi (Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation)
Faculty Second: Mina Razzaghi (Department of Nutrition and Dietetics) and İzlem Yücetürk (Department of Audiology)
Faculty Third: Atakan Baklacı (Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation)

2022-2023 Spring Semester:
Faculty First: Murat Aşlamacı (Department of Audiology)
Faculty Second: Rüveyda Bilici (Department of Audiology)
Faculty Third: İlayda İrem Balkanlı (Department of Language and Speech Therapy)